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MovieSalsayestmovie.wmv1440 Minutes11/07/16 19:31:32 UTC57.8 weeks  
VWSdata.csv5 Minutes12/17/17 17:20:31 UTC1 sec  
VWSlisbon.jpg5 Minutes12/17/17 17:15:32 UTC5.0 min  
VWSbroadcast.jpg15 Minutes12/17/17 17:20:28 UTC4 sec  
Interwarnsummary.txt15 Minutes12/17/17 17:12:17 UTC8.3 min  
VWSmesonet.html15 Minutes12/17/17 17:20:10 UTC22 sec  
VWSmesomap.jpg15 Minutes12/17/17 17:20:07 UTC25 sec  
NexStormlightning.png60 Seconds12/17/17 17:19:46 UTC46 sec  
VWSwflash.txt5 Seconds12/17/17 17:20:29 UTC3 sec  
VWSwflash2.txt60 Seconds12/17/17 17:20:24 UTC8 sec  
NexStormnexstorm_arc.dat60 Seconds12/17/17 17:20:15 UTC17 sec  
WASPwasp2.png5 Minutes12/17/17 17:16:22 UTC4.2 min  
SkyMetskymet_northeast.png20 Minutes11/07/16 19:31:32 UTC57.8 weeks  
StormLabkgyx_compref124.png10 Minutes11/07/16 19:31:32 UTC57.8 weeks  

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