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Here's What You Get
Live Local Weather Conditions from NH Weather Data
Current Five Day Forecast
Instant Weather Warnings
Local and National Radar and Satellite
Personal Alarms YOU Set to Announce Severe Weather
Maps: Jet Stream, Snowfall, Fronts and Much More!



What is Weather Exchange (WxEx)?

WxEx is a new software program that provides real-time weather on your desktop. WxEx exceeds the capabilities of the WeatherBug , Weather1, Weather.com, AccuWeather Desktop and other desktop products. The Weather Exchange provides more than the paid version of WeatherBug. After one simple download you install the software on your PC, set the location to Lisbon, New Hampshire and you'll have live weather on your desktop and in your tray whenever you need it!


What are some of the features?

1. It's FREE and easy to use...no pop-up ads or spyware is installed on your PC!
2. Access to the world's largest FREE weather station network.
3. WxEx is the only desktop software program you can receive live data from the NH Weather Data Weather Station
    in Lisbon, New Hampshire. Other software applications use out-of-area weather conditions for
    Grafton & surrounding Counties. Only WxEx gives you REAL data actually from Grafton & surrounding Counties

3. It is simple and uncluttered. This is for the true weather enthusiast!
4. More content then all of the other desktop weather applications. Dozens of maps, charts, satellite
    images and other graphics from the North East to any other location in the world. You can set
    alarms for ANY weather condition you choose. WxEx is totally customized by YOU!
5. Use it for connecting to the NH Weather Data Weather Station and unlike other desktop weather applications
    anywhere in the world!


How Do I Install and Use Weather Exchange?
Click the link on the bottom of the page. Save the file to a directory of your choice. After the download is complete, double click on the file and it will automatically install. You may be asked to reboot your computer prior to running WxEx.

Click the new Weather Exchange icon on your desktop to start the program. You will be prompted to enter your city, state and Zip Code. To receive data from the NH Weather Data Weather Station in Lisbon, New Hampshire type Lisbon, NH, 03585 in the boxes. Click Close.

VERY IMPORTANT! On the top of the Current Weather Conditions Page (Neighborhood Weather Live!) is a box "Select Station". To ingest Lisbon information from NH Weather Data, the correct station is  Lisbon: NH Weather Data 3.87 miles [KNHLISBO1]. You can choose other weather stations but they are not local. Click NH Weather Data or other locations to display "Favorites". Hint: to keep NH Weather Data weather on top of your favorites display make it the last station to Add to Favorites.


Take advantage of all the features by clicking Window and displaying other data such as local or national RADAR, satellite, temperatures, snow cover, location of jet streams, fronts and more!    Return to NH Weather Data's Weather Station by clicking Neighborhood Weather Live (the third icon on the top left)!  There's loads of data available to you so look it over and have fun experimenting.


You can run WxEx in the background so your desktop remains uncluttered. Simply minimize the display and you'll still have the current temperature in your try (like WeatherBug and other programs).
It will look like this:

Double click the temperature to minimize or maximize the program.
To close, select File, then Exit.

To uninstall, go to Add/Remove Programs in your Control Panel, select Weather Exchange.



Do NOT use the automatic Upgrade Available feature on your Weather Exchange desktop! This feature, on some computers, will corrupt the WxEx files and it will no longer function. To upgrade, check the link below for the most current version; if newer than your version feel free to upgrade here. Questions? Problems? Click the help button below for email assistance from NH Weather Data.



Known issues at this time: WxEx displays -- Month to Date and Year to Date rainfall. This will be corrected in the near future. The weatherunderground page does not display the correct rain total due to a bug in the way this total is ingested. If there is a difference, the NH Weather Data Current Conditions Page will display the accurate rainfall total. This is an early release version of Weather Exchange, so there are constant additions and bugs to be worked out. It is very helpful to us if you encounter any issues to let us know so it can be addressed in a future version.

If you have a firewall, you will need to give "Weather Exchange" permission to access the Internet.

Security: The Weather Exchange (WxEx) does not load or bundle any additional software onto your computer! Other programs will not run in the background while you are using WxEx. You have our assurance The Weather Exchange at no time will compromise your security, mine data from your computer or send any information from your computer. While not commenting on other desktop weather programs, we can tell you after extensively testing WxEx while running programs such as SpyBot, Pest Patrol and AdAware; at no time have any "hidden" files or programs appeared.


Questions? Suggestion? Problems installing or running WxEx?
Ambient Support is located HERE



Get your own FREE Weather Exchange
and plug into the NH Weather Data Weather Station
for live local content!

 Download Weather Exchange HERE
(exe format) 15MB
Current Version:
Ver 1.30  January 15, 2010

Operating System Requirements:
Windows NT/2000/2003/ME/XP/Vista/Windows7 (32 and 64)

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If you already have Weather Exchange installed on your computer, you can upgrade to the latest version by downloading your UPGRADE file here. Just install over your current installation.

 Download Weather Exchange Updates HERE
(exe format) 15MB
Current Version:
Ver 1.30  January 15, 2010

Operating System Requirements:
Windows NT/2000/2003/ME/XP/Vista/Windows7 (32 and 64)

Powered by Ambient Weather

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